Cannon Carriage and gun sets (Blomefield)


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These are our new range of highly accurate, 3D-printed Blomefield pattern guns. These highly  detailed barrels carry the George III crest and were first introduced in 1795. The finish on these barrels is just superb and they are manufactured in  black, so there’s no need to paint them. These are sold in pairs, along with their carriages. Our cannon carriages are laser-cut in pearwood and there are of course two carriages per sheet. Each cannon and carriage set also include a photo-etch fret with the necessary hardware such as eyebolts and even a flintlock, should you wish to use it. NOTE: Cap-squares are now integral to the cart sides, producing a more authentic and even appearance than the previous PE parts.

Carriages (length indicates carriage/cheek side length for a 1:64th scale carriage from front to back)

6-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair – 19mm Long)                                       1.5mm Pearwood               

9-Pounder (Short) Cannon Carriage (Pair – 18.5mm Long)                     1.5mm Pearwood              

12-Pounder (Long) Cannon Carriage (Pair – 27mm Long)                        2mm Pearwood                  

18-Pounder  Cannon Carriage (Pair – 25.25mm Long)                              2mm Pearwood                   


Barrel lengths

Blomefield 4-Pounder cannon (Barrel overall length – 29mm) – £4.40

Blomefield 6-Pounder, 6 feet length (Barrel overall length – 31.4mm) – £5.00

Blomefield 6-Pounder, 7 ½ feet length (Barrel overall length – 38.5mm) – £5.30

Blomefield 9-Pounder, 7 feet length (Barrel overall length – 36.5mm) – £5.80

Blomefield 9-Pounder, 8 ½ feet length (Barrel overall length – 43.6mm) – £6.00

Blomefield 12 pounder, 7 ½ feet length (Barrel overall length – 39.1mm) – £8.30

Blomefield 12 pounder, 9 feet length (Barrel overall length – 46.25mm) – £9.00

Blomefield 18 pounder, 8 feet length (Barrel overall length – 41.8mm) – £8.30

Blomefield 18 pounder, 9 feet length (Barrel overall length – 46.6mm) – £9.00

Blomefield 24 pounder, 9 feet length (Barrel overall length – 47mm) – £10.50

Blomefield 24 pounder, 9 ½ feet length (Barrel overall length – 49.3mm) – £11.00


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 42 × 5 × 0.2 cm

Blomefield 4-pound, Blomefield 6-pound 'short', Blomefield 6-pound 'Long', Blomefield 9-pound 'Short', Blomefield 9-pound 'Long', Blomefield 12-pound 'short', Blomefield 12-pound 'Long', Blomefield 18-pound 'Short', Blomefield 18-pound 'Long', Blomefield 24-pound 'short', Blomefield 24-pound 'Long'