Standard Blocks and Deadeyes

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All standard blocks are individually priced, allowing you to order just what you need for your project.

2.5mm Diameter Sheave                                                                        £0.08

3.5mm Diameter Sheave                                                                        £0.08

2.5mm Deadeye                                                                                       £0.09

3mm Deadeye                                                                                           £0.10

4mm Deadeye                                                                                          £0.10

5mm Deadeye                                                                                           £0.10

7mm Deadeye                                                                                           £0.11

2mm Single Block                                                                                    £0.07

3mm Single block                                                                                     £0.06

4mm Single block                                                                                     £0.06

5mm Single block                                                                                     £0.06

6mm Single block                                                                                     £0.07

7mm Single block                                                                                     £0.07

4mm Double block                                                                                   £0.07

5mm Double block                                                                                   £0.08

6mm Double block                                                                                   £0.08

7mm Sister block                                                                                      £0.24

5mm Triple block                                                                                     £0.10


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