Standard Blocks and Deadeyes


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All standard blocks are individually priced, allowing you to order just what you need for your project.

2.5mm Diameter Sheave                                                                        £0.08

3.5mm Diameter Sheave                                                                        £0.08

2.5mm Deadeye                                                                                       £0.09

3mm Deadeye                                                                                           £0.10

4mm Deadeye                                                                                          £0.10

5mm Deadeye                                                                                           £0.10

7mm Deadeye                                                                                           £0.11

2mm Single Block                                                                                    £0.07

3mm Single block                                                                                     £0.06

4mm Single block                                                                                     £0.06

5mm Single block                                                                                     £0.06

6mm Single block                                                                                     £0.07

7mm Single block                                                                                     £0.07

4mm Double block                                                                                   £0.07

5mm Double block                                                                                   £0.08

6mm Double block                                                                                   £0.08

7mm Sister block                                                                                      £0.24

5mm Triple block                                                                                     £0.10


Additional information

Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 cm
Standard blocks etc.

2.5mm sheave, 3.5mm sheave, 2.5mm deadeye, 3mm deadeye, 4mm deadeye, 5mm deadeye, 7mm deadeye, 2mm single block, 3mm single block, 4mm single block, 5mm single block, 6mm single block, 7mm single block, 4mm double block, 5mm double block, 6mm double block, 5mm triple block, 7mm sister block