About Vanguard Models

Vanguard Models was founded in 2019, by Chris Watton, a model ship kit designer whose work is well-known in this hobby. Vanguard Models is a subsidiary of BURNCROFT LIMITED

Registered Office: 70B, High Street Cinderford
GL14 2SZ
Tel (0044) [0]1594 824610
Email – enquiries@vanguardmodels.com
Registered company number – 04317996

CHRIS WATTON  is a world-renowned designer of model ship kits, best known for his work with companies such as Amati. Founded in 2019, VANGUARD MODELS is Chris’ own model kit range, designed and developed solely by Chris, a model kit designer with over 25 years experience. He previously developed Amati’s ‘Victory Models’ range of scale model kits and many magazine part-work model designs for companies such as Hachette.

Here are just a very small number of Chris’ previous designs.