Skill Levels


Our own range of Vanguard Models kits have allocated skill ratings. We believe that while there are a number of modellers who will always purchase what they want instead of what they may be capable of, that our system will provide a reasoned way of guiding a modeller to make the correct choice in their kit purchase. We want our customers to enjoy their projects and feel that the skill level was pitched specifically for them, and they’ll come back and try another kit from a different level, as they progress.

None of our kits, whatever the skill range, make any compromise on details or materials. They are all of the highest standard, across the range. We utilise the highest grade in materials, such as pear wood, maple, walnut etc. Our kits typically also contain 3D printed parts too, and not the clumsy, clunky and usually badly cast metal parts you see in many kits. Our kits are also designed to be intuitive in design, incorporating many design techniques that are specific to Vanguard Models.

  • NOVICE: We have pitched this level at the absolute beginner, whilst still providing a good basis for more experienced modellers to make their own individual mark on the project. Kit design and techniques are all aimed to make this project as easy for you as possible, guiding you in every way to create a successful and beautiful model that you can be rightly proud of.

  • AMATEUR: There is a fine line between Novice and Amateur, with this level being aimed at those who have successfully completed one or more previous projects. Newcomers to wooden models who perhaps have worked in other mediums, could transfer their skills to this level and be capable of an excellent result.

  • EXPERIENCED: We definitely think this is a level where you should have a number of successful projects completed and that you possess more than just a basic skill set. You must be forward-thinking as you work and be able to adapt your skills to create the many features you would expect to see on a kit of this standard. There will be techniques you mist use here which aren’t applicable to our earlier level kits, such as hull coppering and more extensive photo-etch etc.

  • ADVANCED: We are now firmly in skilled territory. Whilst this level of kit will contain many of the elements of the the levels below this one, they will also contain a number of more traditional techniques and be far more involved in terms of design. These will be larger models with more complex rigging and deck details. Typically, kits of this level are far more long-term projects and you’ll need a reasonable work area for them. The materials we supply for these kits is vast, in relation to other contemporary manufacturer kits.

  • MASTER: These are the very pinnacle of our kit range and whilst still containing many laser engraved parts, you will be expected to utilise more traditional techniques to successfully complete. Master level kits perhaps contain an even higher number of laser-cut wooden sheets in many multiples of thicknesses. Kits of this level will have features such as fully detailed lower gun decks (no dummy barrels!), captain’s cabin and furniture, and be fully ‘ship rigged’ with no rigging simplification. These are amongst the very highest standard of model kit that money can buy.