Ship’s Boats (various types)


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We are pleased to be able to offer you a varied and expanding range of 1:64 ship’s boats, as standalone kits.

All of these, whilst built around a disposable MDF frame, are made from high grade pear wood, and incorporate laser-cut plank strips, and photo etch parts, such as oarlocks*, boat hooks* and anchors*. An option is also provided for the modeller to use either pear wood or photo-etch oars.
(*depending upon boat type)

Dimensions (Length, without rudder)

  • 18ft Cutter – 86mm
  • 20ft Cutter – 95.25mm
  • 22ft Cutter – 104.8mm
  • 24ft Cutter – 114.3mm
  • 25ft Cutter – 119mm
  • 22ft Yawl – 107mm
  • 24ft Launch – 114mm
  • 26ft Launch – 125mm
  • 28ft Pinnace – 134mm
  • 32ft Barge – 151mm
  • 32ft Pinnace – 151mm
  • 34ft Launch – 162mm
  • 36ft Admiral’s Barge – 165mm

In time, we will also add different size pinnaces, barges and Admiral’s Barge.


We also now offer sets of oars, laser cut and engraved into pearwood. These are also 1:64 and as follows:

  • 75mm long, 1mm sheet, 12 oars per sheet – £7.50
  • 64mm long, 0.6mm sheet, 14 oars per sheet – £7.50

Instructions (click to open/download)

18ft Cutter (new version) 

20, 22, 24 and 25ft Cutters 

22ft Yawl

24ft Launch

26ft Launch

28ft Pinnace

32ft Barge

32ft Pinnace

34ft Launch

36ft Admiral’s Barge 

18ft Cutter – original version (no longer sold)

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 4 cm
ship boats

18ft Cutter, 20ft Cutter, 22ft Cutter, 24ft Cutter, 25ft Cutter, 22ft Yawl, 24ft Launch, 26ft Launch, 28ft Pinnace, 32ft barge, 32ft Pinnace, 34ft Launch, 36ft Admirals Barge, 75mm oars, 64mm oars