Mast Rings


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Our Mast Rings are laser cut from 1mm pearwood and are suitable for various scales, including 1:64 and 1:72, depending on the diameter of your masts. Each sheet contains TEN mast rings.

Each mast ring is cut 0.5mm larger than the dowel size given. (ex. 6mm mast rings are 6.5mm internal diameter).

Mast Ring for 6mm Dowel (Set of 10)       Pearwood                £5.50

Mast Ring for 8mm Dowel (Set of 10)        Pearwood              £6.50

Mast Ring for 10mm Dowel (Set of 10)      Pearwood              £7.50


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Masti Rings

Mast Ring for 6mm Dowel, Mast RIng for 8mm Dowel, Mast Ring for 10mm Dowel