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Our current capstan range contains both single double units that are suited to Royal Navy vessels from mid-late 18th Century, to early 19th Century. These are suitable for many vessels, including the larger Agamemnon, HMS Vanguard, and Victory kits. Capstans are available in both 1:72 and 1:64, laser-cut in pearwood, and including a length of walnut dowel.

1:72 Double Capstan: Each capstan is around 18mm high. Supplied with 80mm of 8mm dia. dowel – £12.50

1:64 Single Capstan: 20mm high. Supplied with 50mm of 6mm dia. dowel – £7.50

1:64 Double Capstan: Each capstan is 22mm high. Supplied with 100mm of 8mm dia. dowel – £15.50



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