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Our Brodie Stoves:

Our new Brodie Stove is 3D-printed in strong navy grey resin and come as four parts, with very easy assembly. The printing is also utilising the very best in the latest 8k print technology, leaving stunning details for you to see. The highly-detailed parts consist of the main stove body, chimney, condenser, and drip tray.

Brodie stoves were fitted on many ships, and are also perfect for Ardent-class ships, such as HMS Agamemnon.

NOTE: Only the 1:64 version of the Brodie Stove is supplied with photo etch parts.

Sizes (heights are without chimneys)

  • 1:64 -L-28mm W – 24mm H – 29mm
  • 1:72 – L-25mm W – 22mm H – 25.3mm
  • 1:96 – L-18.75mm W – 17.3mm H – 19mm
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The Brodie Stove

Born in 1733, Alexander Brodie prospered as a master-blacksmith making fire-grates and register stoves. He designed a new and safer firehearth for ships; two large boilers over a fire-grate, pot-gantries, a spit, a condenser for fresh water and a large bread oven. The Admiralty awarded him a monopoly which lasted twenty-nine years, to install this firehearth in all ships

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1:72 Brodie Stove, 1:96 Brodie Stove, 1:64 Brodie Stove with photo etch