Brodie Stove

Our Brodie Stoves:

Our new Brodie Stove is 3D-printed in black resin and come as four parts, with extremely easy assembly. The highly-detailed parts consist of the main stove body, chimney, condenser, and drip tray.

Brodie stoves were fitted on many ships, and are also perfect for Ardent-class ships, such as HMS Agamemnon.

Sizes (heights are without chimneys)

  • 1:64 -L-28mm W – 24mm H – 29mm
  • 1:72 – L-25mm W – 22mm H – 25.3mm
  • 1:96 – L-18.75mm W – 17.3mm H – 19mm
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The Brodie Stove

Born in 1733, Alexander Brodie prospered as a master-blacksmith making fire-grates and register stoves. He designed a new and safer firehearth for ships; two large boilers over a fire-grate, pot-gantries, a spit, a condenser for fresh water and a large bread oven. The Admiralty awarded him a monopoly which lasted twenty-nine years, to install this firehearth in all ships

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