HMS Sphinx – 1775


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HMS Sphinx – 1775

This is Vanguard Models’ latest kit release. This is our most comprehensive design to date, incorporating a vast number of pre-cut and engraved parts spread over 33 sheets of mainly pear wood, with high grade MDF used for the skeleton. The laser-engraved decks are made from maple ply, and we also include ply decks for the forecastle and quarterdeck, in case you want to plank those yourself (planking material not provided for that option). Walnut dowel is provided for masts and yards. It is anticipated that this model, designed for advanced modellers upwards, will take around 400-800hrs, as a very average estimate.

Scale – 1:64
Length Overall – 797mm
Hull Length – 604mm
Height Overall – 627mm
Width Overall – 332mm

          Kit includes:

  • Laser cut parts in MDF, and clear acetate for gallery windows. All visible parts are laser cut in pear wood sheet
  • Laser cut pear wood ladders and gratings included as standard
  • Laser etched and cut maple decks with treenail detail
  • All of the areas at and above deck level are pre-cut. Even the main wales are pre-cut.
  • 5 sheets of photo etched brass
  • High resolution 3D-printed 9-pounder cannon barrels (black) along with black acrylic cannon balls
  • Gun port positions built into frame and inner/outer bulwarks cut to fit those positions. 
  • Double planked hull in limewood for first planking and pear wood for second planking.
  • All planking above the wales is supplied in pre-cut and engraved sections.
  • Walnut dowel for mast and yards
  • Multiple sizes of both black and natural rigging thread along with all necessary blocks and deadeyes
  • The full colour instruction manual is our most comprehensive yet, along with TWENTY-THREE plan sheets which include all masting and rigging drawings.
  • Highly detailed resin stern decoration and 3D-printed Sphinx figurehead.
  • 3D-printed lanterns for stern, with glazing.
  • Three highly detailed ship’s boats in pear wood.
  • Stern cabins with chequerboard-engraved floor.
  • Fine black chain for rudder.
  • Highly detailed ship’s stove and brick plinth
  • Each Sphinx kit takes 8 full hours to produce

Note: All images shown are of the prototype model.



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