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The kit

The Fifie was a very attractive and numerous fishing boat that was commonly seen around the waters off the east coast of Scotland from around 1850, and in operation for around a century. These were very popular and successful vessels and real workhorses for those Scottish fishing communities, particularly in landing herring. Unlike the Zulu (Vanguard Models kit #03), the Fifie had more of a traditional layout, with no steeply raked sternpost, and she was almost symmetrical in side view, with quite a wide beam for a relatively short vessel.

The model kit is designed to be as accurate as possible for a commercial kit in both scale and detail and has been developed with the beginner to intermediate modeller in mind, with some aspects simplified for ease of construction. More experienced modellers can modify the kit how they wish. This kit is an ideal introduction to the world of Plank on Bulkhead (POB) modelling, and the modeller will learn many valuable lessons through its construction.

Scale 1:64

Length: 380mm
Width: 105mm
Height: 327mm

The instruction manual is full colour and will take you through the hull building stages step-by-step, and assumes the modeller is a complete beginner with little to no previous experience.

Download the Manual

The are also 8 plan sets containing all the information for making the masts, yards and very simple rigging layout.

  • Laser cut and laser etched materials
  • Double planked hull in lime wood and pear wood
  • Laser cut and engraved deck with all nail detail
  • Photo-etched brass sheet
  • Fittings in wood and metal

This kit now ships with a FREE sail set. You are under no obligation to use it. The set does not factor into the cost of the kit. A deluxe, pre-sewn sail set with bolt ropes already attached is an optional extra.

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