Cannon Carriage and complete gun sets

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Our cannon carriages are laser-cut in pearwood and there are two carriages per sheet. Metal fittings not included.

If your project requires more than we have ‘in stock’, please let us know, and we will cut for your requirements.


Carriages Only

4-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair)             1.5mm Pearwood             £1.40 (1:72) / £1.50 (1:64)

6-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair)              1.5mm Pearwood             £1.60 (1:72) / £1.70 (1:64)

9-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair)              1.5mm Pearwood             £1.80 (1:72) / £1.90 (1:64)

12-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair)            2mm Pearwood                £2.20 (1:72) / £2.30 (1:64)

18-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair)            2mm Pearwood                £2.50 (1:72) / £2.60 (1:64)

24-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair)            2mm Pearwood                £2.90 (1:72) / £3.00 (1:64)

32-Pounder Cannon Carriage (Pair)            2mm Pearwood                £3.00 (1:72) / £3.10 (1:64)


We now also supply complete cannon and carriage sets in 1:64. These are sold in pairs and are accurate to the period, including a King George III royal crest. Each cannon and carriage set also include a photo-etch fret with the necessary hardware such as cap squares, eyebolts and even a flintlock, should you wish to use it. Each cannon pair comes complete with the same pearwood carriage as can be bought separately (info above). Our cannon are cast in black resin and are of the highest quality. Very little clean-up is required before use.

9-Pounder – 37.8mm long

12-Pounder – 45.4mm long

18-Pounder – 48mm long

18-Pounder ‘short’ – 42.75mm long

24-Pounder – 50mm long

32-Pounder – 51 mm long

1:64 Carriage and gun Sets

Complete cannon sets are currently offered in the following sizes:

9-Pounder complete cannon pair – £10.50

12-Pounder complete cannon pair – £11.00

18-Pounder complete cannon pair – £11.50

18-Pounder ‘short’ complete cannon pair -£11.50

24-Pounder complete cannon pair – £12.00

32-Pounder complete cannon pair – £12.50


Download cannon instructions


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