Old & Weathered Wood


This set contains a collection of 6 acrylic 3rdGen paints that are specially selected to represent different warm wood tones and to get several effects of weathered and old wood.

These paints are carefully selected and tested on the materials we use in our kits, and will perfectly complement the kits in our range. We have tested these paints thoroughly with both brush and airbrush, and find them to work flawlessly. Our airbrush tests were done with mixing the paint in a roughly 50:50 ratio with tap water, then sprayed with an Iwata at about 12 PSI (your airbrush setup may require variations).

Our choice of paint is AK-Interactive’s ‘3rd Generation’ acrylics. The most sophisticated formula for acrylic paints so far. Excellent coverage, awesome grip, no clogs when airbrushing. The paint of the future for all sort of modellers and artists.

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This paint set consists of the following 6 bottles (17ml each).

  • Freshly Cut Timber (Light Earth).
  • Wood Base.
  • Mahogany Brown.
  • Wood Grain (Hull Red).
  • Varnished Wood (Cork).
  • Weathered Wood (Leather Brown).

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm