Clinker-hull boats (3D-printed)


We appreciate that some modellers do struggle with creating a clinker-planked hull for such boats as cutters. Maybe you simply want to add that boat to your ship without the ensuing work involved. As well as our wooden boat kits, we now offer these resin, 3D-printed boats to our catalogue. All boats are single-piece hulls, printed in white resin. These boats are sharply detailed with plank, ribs etc


  • 12ft Cutter hull – L-57.15 x W-20 x H-12.2mm
  • 14ft Cutter hull – L-66.7 x W-24 x H-14.2mm
  • 16ft Cutter hull – L-76.2 x W-27 x H-16.3mm
  • 18ft Cutter hull – L-85.75 x W-30.5 x H-18.5mm
  • 20ft Cutter hull – L-95.25 x W-31 x H-19.5mm
  • 22ft Cutter ¬†hull – L-104.8 x W-32 x H-20mm
  • 24ft Cutter hull – L-114.3 x W-32.5 x H-22mm


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Hull size

12ft Cutter (hull only), 14ft Cutter (hull only), 16ft Cutter (hull only), 18ft Cutter (hull only), 20ft Cutter (hull only), 22ft Cutter (hull only), 24ft Cutter (hull only)