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Tender “Avos” 1:72

“Avos” was a tender built in Novoarkhangelsk (present Sitka, Alaska) in Russian America in 1806. She was manned by a crew of 12 and was a part of an expedition to California headed by explorer Nikolai Rezanov that consisted of two ships, brigantine “Juno” and tender “Avos”.They arrived in California in the same year, to get provisioning for starving Russian settlements in Alaska. During his stay in San Francisco, Rezanov met a 15-year old daughter of the Spanish governor Maria de la Concepcion Arguello. Maria fell in love with Rezanov and they got engaged. Unfortunately they could not get married because she was a Catholic and he belonged to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Rezanov had to obtain the Russian Emperor’s permission to marry Maria. Promptly, he sailed back to Alaska and then to Okhotsk. From there he had to cross all of Russia east to west on horseback to get to St Petersburg. During this perilous trip he fell ill and died in Krasnoyarsk in 1807 at the age of 43. Maria did not believe the news of his death until 1842 when Sir George Simpson gave her a detailed account of Rezanov’s death. She took a vow of silence and lived in a monastery in Monterey, California until her death in 1857.


  • Scale 1:72.
  • Assembled dimensions are (LxWxH) 420mm x 175mm x 420mm.
  • All wooden parts are laser cut to simplify assembly.
  • Hull design compensates for materials deformations.
  • Double plank-on-bulkhead hull. Final hull planks are made of anigre veneer (Base) or pearwood (other variants).
  • Historically accurate cast cannons.
  • Laser etched deck made of maple veneer.
  • High quality pearwood blocks.
  • Multitude of highly detailed photo etched brass parts.
  • Sail plans and cloth for sewing the sails.
  • Complete handmade sails are included in premium version.
  • Silk screen historically accurate flag of Russian-American Company.
  • Different diameters of black and tan threads for standing and running rigging.
  • Ship stand with two nameplates, one in English and one in Russian
  • Binnacle.
  • Ship’s boat MK0103 is included in all versions.
  • Three large sheets of ship plans (+translated plans in English).
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